Project Managers


Project Assistant/ Financial Manager of the Project

Veronika Bumbálková Foto

Veronika Bumbálková studied Economy (University of Technology, Brno) and Law (Masaryk University). After her studies she worked as a project manager in several companies. Currently, Veronika works as a financial manager and coordinator of project activities; she is responsible for financial flows of the project, preparation of the financial section of the monitoring reports and coordination of foreign business trips of the research team.


Manager of Scientific Projects

Lenka Polačiková Foto

Lenka Polačiková is interested in ornithology, behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology. Lenka's previous research (carried out in the Czech Republic and New Zealand) focused on evolutionary interactions between avian brood parasites and their hosts, specifically on a role of eggshell characteristics on host discrimination abilities. Currently, Lenka is working as a manager of scientific projects at the HPI-Lab, where she is responsible for scientific coordination of the research team, searching for funding opportunities and management of project proposal preparations.


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